Webinar: Bristol City Council – adapting to the ‘new norm’ in adult education with an enhanced learning solution

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Thursday 06th May, 2021

In March 2020 Adult & Community learning providers were forced to fundamentally alter the way in which they delivered their courses. The move from face-to-face teaching & learning to an entirely remote offer was required almost overnight!

Many providers made the necessary decision to adopt the Google and Microsoft products they had at hand for the reason being that they were available to use right away.
Over a year has passed, and these same providers are now looking for the following improvements to their lite platforms:

  • Increased visibility & reporting for management / administrative staff
  • Improved integration & compatibility with their existing learning resources / tools
  • A more efficient & personal marking process
  • A simplified learner experience
  • An improved formative assessment workflow
  • Inbuilt ILP & ePortfolio tools
  • Training and account management / support

James Bruton (Bristol City Council Adult Learning, Digital Learning Lead) is joining us on this webinar to explore how Bristol Adult Learning tackled the shortcomings of a Google solution via a migration to itslearning. James will take the time to run through their experience, what they have learnt, and the benefits of a more enhanced learning solution for adult & community education. James will also provide us with a demonstration of their itslearning solution to paint a picture of some of the positive changes they have introduced over the past 7 months.

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