Back To School 2019

Back To School 2019 Webinar

Click Less. Teach More. Change Lives.

Learning is all about making connections and nurturing curiosity. So, it’s important to have the right tools to collaborate and communicate to develop a love for learning. And that’s why we’ve focused on creating an even easier to use itslearning platform and letting students take charge of their own learning for Back to School 2019.

Here’re some of the key features being released between now and the end of Summer:

• New course cards homepage

• Updated stream and task list page

• Use itslearning directly from your Google Calendar

• Microsoft Office templating – Make a copy of the Office document for every student

The itslearning platform is highly customisable, so you can choose your own personal settings and use the most comprehensive learning management system loved by millions of users worldwide. Learn more about Back to School 2019 here.

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