Improve retention, graduation rates and student satisfaction

Help every student achieve

Encourage students to reach their learning objectives by allowing them to explore, learn, share and express themselves using the creative digital tools they love. With itslearning, students can chat with teachers, collaborate on projects, reflect on learning with blogs and ePortfolios, play educational games, and show what they know – all in a safe online environment.

Encourage teacher collaboration

itslearning makes it easy for teachers to share lesson plans and resources across the school or local authority. They can also create shared online project spaces, as well as professional learning communities in order to share best practices and improve instruction.

Improve communication

itslearning’s dashboards make it easy to communicate with your staff, students and parents. Student progress reports, upcoming assignments and school or local authority announcements are automatically shared with all stakeholders via personal dashboards. Instant messaging, cloud email, dedicated Parent Portal and video conferencing also help to streamline communication.

Boost productivity, save reporting time

itslearning automates routine tasks such as grading, reporting, and distributing and collecting assignments – so teachers have more time to focus on their students.

 All reports are updated in real-time and can be shared with the click of a button.