Empower Education Through
Digital Culture

Thursday 18 October

Hopwood Hall College, Middleton



Developing an education culture of excellence is not just about getting the best grades. It’s about putting culture at the centre of your learners’ journey, implementing smart technology and inspiring staff and learners to embrace future education trends.

You are invited to the annual itslearning and Hopwood Hall College Empower Education Through Digital Culture Conference. After a successful and sell-out conference in 2017, we’re taking a deep-dive into culture for tutors and learners.

Supported by professional industry speakers and technology users, we’ve planned a day of learning, sharing and inspiration for leaders in the FE community.


Meet the Hosts & Speakers

Photo of Deiric O’Tuathail
Photo of Charlotte Moller-Andersen
Photo of Becki Lee
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08.30 – 09:15

Registration opens

09.15 – 09:30

Welcome & Introduction

Deiric J O’Tuathail, Hopwood Hall College
Charlotte Moller-Andersen, itslearning

Opening and warm welcome to the 2018 Empower Education Through Digital Culture conference.

09:30– 10:00

The Hopwood story

Becki Lee, Hopwood Hall College

Taking a trip down memory lane, we’ll walk you through our digital strategy. We’ll uncover decisions and direction, our partners, systems and solutions we’ve chosen to make our college tutors and learners proud of our education standards.

10:00 – 10:45

Changing the mind set and using technology to advance your college campus

Anthony Basiel, Arden University

In this session, we will:

  • Identify the types of knowledge the students and tutors are expecting e.g. procedural step-by-step scaffolding or open-ended problem solving
  • Establish what technical resources and systems are in place at in colleges
  • Explore instructional designs that can be used e.g. class discussions, role play, case study analysis, (computer) simulations, serious game designs
  • Application of learning technology to the learning models discussed

Time for a break!

10.45 – 11.00

11:00 – 11:30

Developing a culture of excellence

Bradley Lightbody, Quality Learning and Skills

A culture of excellence is not just about passing exams but empowering young people to be creative and to have confidence in their ability to take their learning as far and as deep as they wish. Look to the horizon 2030 and 2050 when our students will be in mid-career. What might they help to solve, design, improve, invent, create through their own creativity and possible self-employment. The skill of the teacher is to stir curiosity and to enthuse and inspire by curating a stimulating mix of online articles, eBooks, photographs, maps, expert opinion, reports, animations, video, statistics, charts and diagrams etc to enhance the curriculum goals and to offer both learning support and acceleration.

11.30 – 12.00

Embracing the cloud

Steven Threadgold itslearning

Cloud providers such as Google and Microsoft offer education institutions great collaborative tools at low cost. We will look at how we are leveraging these tools within the Learning Platform pedagogical framework to bring benefits to tutors and learners. We will look at how cloud tools can be used transparently in the platform with minimal effort from tutors.

Eat & Meet

12:00 – 12:45


We’ve lined up four fantastic workshops, giving you insight into the future trends in education.
All workshops will be repeated so you get to enjoy all the content we have prepared.

Session 1 – 12.45 – 13:30

Workshop 1

Take flight: An experience above all others!

Sam Barnes, Quality Learning and Skills
Daniel Nuttal, itslearning

An introductory workshop session will prep you for a UAV flight in which you take the helm of a proper drone and [attempt to] take a photograph of the group! Incorporating the values of a learning platform to prepare you for the flight, you’ll trying out a UAV flight simulator that will push your reflexes (and possibly your nerves!) to the limit! Following this, a demonstration of a 3D photogrammetry flight mission (potentially mimicked at your own institution) will show you the power of even the smallest of UAV’s! An open Q&A afterwards will help explore any queries that may have arisen across the course of the day.

Workshop 2

The Blended Learning Consortium integration

Peter Kilcoyne ILT Director, Heart of Worcestershire College

The workshop will begin with an overview of how the Blended Learning Consortium works and how your organisation can get involved. This will be followed by a group discussion on the best pedagogic practice in the implementation of blended learning and its integration into learning platforms. We will explore collaborative working and the advantages available to those colleges participating in the BLC.

Workshop 3

To flip or blend: integrating a new pedagogy

Bradley Lightbody, Quality Learning and Skills

The future of teaching is less gatekeeper of knowledge and more gateway. Lessons can start online and be developed and consolidated in the classroom (Flipped) or start in the classroom and be developed and consolidated online (Blended). In both cases, it is the ability to control the pace, to repeat, to extend, to support or to challenge that has revolutionised learning and introduced a new pedagogy. Lesson planning will increasingly give way to online instructional design i.e. step by step video instruction with integrated assessment, progress monitoring, gaming approaches and corrective feedback all within one carefully crafted package. Explore the issues and the craft of integrating online with the classroom.

Workshop 4

Using technology to promote higher level of thinking

Dr Anthony Baisel, Arden University

Teaching is delivered through your own style but have you thought what it’s like to be a learner? Join this workshop and take the test of personalities. Explore the range of tools and techniques available and whilst problem solving in groups, we’ll identify trends, cultures and personality traits that are conveyed in your college.

It’s time to explore – How do we deploy thinking and acting outside the box?

Recurrent Workshops

Session 2 – 13:30 – 14:15

15 minute break!

14:15 – 14:30

Recurrent Workshops

Session 3 – 14:30 – 15:15

Recurrent Workshops

Session 4 – 15:15 – 16:00



Deiric O’Tuathail, Principal, Hopwood Hall College

2017 Feedback

If you missed our first conference, take a look at the highlights our delegates gained from joining us…


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