Wonde User Provisioning

Fronter used VLE Export for SIMS provisioning. Fronter 19 sees the user provisioning replacement to Wonde, itslearning’s MIS integration partner.

Wonde facilitates user provisioning for staff/student and respective hierarchies, as well as integrated Courses.
Wonde supports all main MIS providers and offers a far more robust and reliable service than VLE Export allowed.


  1. Wonde requires a Client API (software) to be installed on-site. A technical representative in the school needs to interface with Wonde. The only data Wonde requires for Fronter 19 user provisioning is as follows:
    * User/Group information
    * User information (staff, students etc.)
  2. Wonde provides a secure data transfer method. For more information, please see Wonde’s security documents here.
  3. After the software is installed the school technical representative will need to log in to the Wonde portal and approve the itslearning connection.
  4. itslearning then tests the data to ensure expected behaviour before pushing to production.

New school year:

At the start of each new school year, a full export will be run to update with any new intake, leavers as well as integrated courses. Hierarchies will now be available.

If you have any questions regarding Wonde you can contact itslearning on 0800 9775714 (option 2) or Wonde ([email protected] or call 01638 779 44).

SSO for LGfL Customers Only

Fronter links to the LGfL portal via SSO using USO user accounts. Fronter 19 facilitates the same. It requires Wonde user provisioning to have been set up to function.


The Head needs to perform the task via the Atomwide support portal in their capacity as the Data Controller

  1. Firstly, approve the “data release self-determination” declaration
  2. Click on the hyperlink, the School’s Borough/Trust will be shown
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Approve”

4.  Once authorised, go to the tabs at the top and click on “User Accounts”, next, scroll down to “Federation Data Release”

5. It will then take you back to the first page, but the “itslearning EU” should no longer be greyed out

6. Authorise the data release from USO to the LMS by clicking the slider so that a green “Enabled” status is shown

7. The change will take effect shortly afterwards and the logins will start working

If you have any questions about SSO for LGFL customers please email itslearning [email protected]  or call 0800 977 5714 Option 2.