Senior Leaders

Improve retention, graduation rates and student satisfaction. itslearning helps you manage curriculum, content and communication. Our advanced reporting system enables senior leaders to take informed action to improve and implement best practices across their college.

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Welcome to a holistic suite of dashboards and analytics that will spike informed decisions for your organisation. Dive into the details of user engagement, curriculum management or student progress, or just get the overview you need.


Drive student achievement with powerful reporting options. Analyse data, both at student and class levels, and automatically share progress with students, parents and administrators through personal dashboards.

Advanced Reporting

Emphasises flexibility and customisation, to ensure that you can apply your understanding of the data to your specific priorities and practices.

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Curriculum & Instruction Leaders

Collaborative curriculum design made easier. itslearning’s course planner makes it easy for educators to assemble multimedia-rich resources, assessments and other learning materials, connecting learning to students’ personal interests and learning objectives. Our premium digital library makes it easy for tutors to find and share relevant learning material.

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Technology Leaders

High adoption. Better outcomes. Low investment. itslearning is cloud-based, so there’s no software to install and no upgrades to perform. It seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of platforms and applications and has a 99.7% uptime guarantee.

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