Stay connected!

itslearning helps you study, share and connect with teachers and classmates.


Stay connected! itslearning helps you study, share and connect with tutors and classmates – at home, college or anywhere in between.

Get creative! itslearning has educational games, multimedia apps and project spaces that let you explore your creativity to the limits!

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Allow students to choose what they learn and how to demonstrate achievement. With shared project spaces, instant messaging, loads of educational games and multimedia apps, and a personal dashboard, itslearning helps students work, share, and connect with friends whether at school, home or anywhere in between.

Instant Messages

Students can send instant messages to their entire class, their teacher/tutor or to individual students, just like their favourite social media tools. Easy to add photos, images, and emojies to personalise messages. The instant messaging system contains live updates of messages, allowing them to chat directly without reloading pages.

The itslearning mobile app

The mobile app gives students a simple overview of their school/college work on the device that they look at the most. Students can receive notifications direct to their phone on upcoming tasks, including homework and tests. Once they receive feedback from teachers/tutors they will be notified through the app. The app is available on iOS and Android.

Discussion Boards

Students can post ideas or collaborate on subjects, using the rich text editor to record audio and video, or embed external media.

Course Group Folders

Groups can have their own course folders to add resources, or communicate through discussion boards, chat and video conferencing.

A Choice of Device

itslearning helps bridge the gap between content and devices. Students can learn and collaborate on any device anywhere, at anytime.

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Waiting for test results? Get notified as soon as they’re posted on itslearning! Our app gives you an overview of your schoolwork on whatever device you choose, so you’ll always know what you need do and when.

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Check out this interactive demo to see how itslearning lets you collaborate with classmates, communicate with tutors, and manage your college work.

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