Engage students by personalising learning. Automate routine tasks. Access a digital library of learning resources. itslearning is easy to use and connects you with your students!

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itslearning makes teaching easier by automating the routine tasks that teachers/tutors perform everyday such as creating lessons, distributing and collecting assignments, marking quizzes and tests, and communicating with parents. With less paperwork and fewer administrative tasks to perform, teachers have more time to do what they love most – teach!

Course Management & Delivery Features

Develop, deliver, organise and administer engaging courses in and outside the classroom. Expand the reach and engagement of your lessons and make enrichment come alive. Features include:

Standards-based Customisable Planner
Standards-based Rubrics
Recommendation Engine
Digital Content Library
Audio & Video Recorder

Communication Features

Increasingly the classroom boundaries extend way beyond the physical gates, closer ties with feeder schools, engagement with the local community and collaboration with cluster or Academy groups are all realities that organisations face and with most people now online, technology can provide some compelling solutions. Features include:

Digital Bulletin Board
Instant Messaging
Discussion Boards
Parent Portal
The itslearning App

Professional Development Features

Goodbye, hit-and-run workshops. Hello professional learning communities. Build an online professional learning community for teachers to connect, collaborate, and share resources and best practices.

A Choice of Device and Formats

Mobile app (iOS, Android),
Available on any device
Accessible anywhere at anytime

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itslearning for Personalisation

Each learner is on a personal learning journey. With itslearning, students can create, collaborate, communicate and self-reflect, while tutors can use platform features to make learning personal.

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Digital Resources offer great advantages!

itslearning has built-in curriculum management capabilities that enable you to connect courses, resources and assessments with common standards and learning objects. Take advantage of a modern, personalised and dynamic digital curriculum!

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