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itslearning supports BYOD / 1:1

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A best-in-class vehicle for delivery, itslearning helps bridge the gap between content and devices – any device, anywhere, anytime.

The key to BYOD/1:1 success

If your Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or 1:1 classroom is not meeting expected goals, you may be missing one key element – a way to manage and leverage the increased level of student collaboration and communication that occurs in these environments. With multiple options for discussion, feedback and interaction, as well as compatibility with any device and any platform, itslearning helps ensure that all students have access to course materials and a highly collaborative learning space.

Easily manage your learning community

A one-stop shop for your learning community, accessible any time, anywhere, from any device, on any platform, with a single login

Communicate and collaborate

Multiple opportunities for communication and collaboration such as blogs, discussion boards, text and video conferencing, and communities

Meet individual learning needs

Assign content tailored to individual learning needs and interests, as well as allow students to create their own tests and surveys using groups and permissions.

Encourage students to create

Multimedia tools and various options for submitting assignments, including file uploads, audio and video recorders

Remediate and enrich as needed

Powerful content recommendation engine provides remediation and enrichment activities based on student performance against learning objectives, and their individual learning styles.

Organise independent student learning

Organise and encourage independent student learning by posting learning objectives and success criteria, assignment instructions and feedback directly to itslearning, making more time to teach.

The itslearning App

From teacher feedback to notifications on upcoming tasks and homework, the itslearning App delivers students instant updates directly to their smart phones.

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