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Meet Nehar, a Key Account Manager

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Nehar Ullah

I started at itslearning in May last year and believe I have achieved a lot since then.  Work-wise, I took a trip to Germany to present my experience of itslearning in Primary schools.  This went down well and I think both schools and my German colleagues took away good experiences, it also gave me the chance to understand the German education system and take tips from them that I have relayed to my English schools.

Personally, I am getting married next year 😊 and started my own charity just before I started at itslearning.  My charity; Ullah Isa Trust, helps children in third world countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh get a better education and clean water.   Being a registered charity, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved, being able to sponsor a handful of students already and on route to building our first water well next year.

What does your role entail?

Keeping customers happy.  Working with customers to help them reach their full potential with the platform and achieve their goals. Maintaining a good customer relationship and being their main point of contact at itslearning/fronter.  It means I need to understand the platform really well and understand the different schools alongside what will work and what would not work for them.

What do you love about working with itslearning?

I have amazing colleagues that I work with and being a KAM (Key Account Manager) means I can support schools in making a difference in children’s lives.

Is there anything you want our Customers to know?

Although using itslearning can seem time consuming and scary, once you start using the platform it becomes so much easier, and year on year becomes less work to do.  Almost like any new software or gadget.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I start a new diet every Sunday night that lasts until Monday morning…

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