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Trafalgar Infant School wins Technology in Learning Award with Fronter room

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Press Release:

The Community Education Awards is very pleased to announce that the winner of the Technology in Learning Award 2015/2016 is Trafalgar Infant School, Twickenham. The winning entry, ‘Ready to Go to Rio’, involved creating a room that would serve as a multi-purpose learning platform on the theme of the Olympic Games.

The room was designed by ICT leader Jane Burton with the help of her Year 2 Digital Leaders. The pupils learnt how to edit music tracks, fill text with pictures, how to set up a blog and about e-safety surrounding these areas. The pupils also launched the room to the rest of the school where their classmates have been contributing to forums, the blog and accessing the content.

Trafalgar Infant School commented:

“As an infant school, we adopt a cross-curricular approach to learning and the Olympic Room enables our children to explore all areas of the curriculum and relate these to different aspects and elements of the Olympic Games.”

The Olympic Room not only enhances the children’s level of interest in the Olympic Games, but provides a friendly and rewarding introduction to potential e-safety issues surrounding online activities such as blogging and engaging with social media. Trafalgar Infant School created the Olympic Room within their Fronter learning platform.

Congratulations once again to Trafalgar Infant School!

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