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The itslearning Mobile App

The itslearning Mobile App gives students a simple overview of their schoolwork on the device they look at most and sends a notification when a teacher makes a change in itslearning. The result? Students always know what they have to do and when to do it.

Tips & Tricks

More timely assessment

Students often wait impatiently to get feedback on assignments and tests. The itslearning app allows them to see feedback as soon as it is ready. This means they get the feedback when the tasks are still fresh in their minds and makes assessment for learning faster and more effective.

  • Students are notified of feedback as soon as it is ready
  • Includes grades, assessments and comments

You Don't Have to Change Anything

For teachers, the real beauty of the itslearning app is that you don’t have to change anything. Everything happens automatically. If you send a message to your class through itslearning, for example, your students will get the message immediately on their smartphones.

Instant Notifications and Reminders

In the digital age, students can no longer say the dog ate their homework. But they can still forget to do it. The itslearning app gives students a simple overview of their school work so they always know what to do.

  • Notifications of upcoming tasks, including homework and tests
  • School events can be synced with your phone’s calendar

Send and Receive Messages Instantly

The app delivers itslearning messages to a user’s phone instantly. If you have the app, you can also use it to send messages, making it ideal if you need to send a message quickly.

  • Send messages from itslearning as normal or from the itslearning app
  • Send to individual students and teachers or to groups

Easy Access to itslearning on Your Smartphone

When you set up the app, you are asked to choose an easy-to-remember four-digit code to use when logging onto itslearning via your phone. From then on, every time you access itslearning through the app, you simply enter your four-digit code on the easy-to-use log in screen.

  • Quick and easy access to itslearning on your smartphone
  • Choose your own four-digit code

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