What’s new for itslearning?

Teachers and students are always striving to do better and more efficient work: that’s why itslearning is too. What started nearly 20 years ago as a handy way to share course information has blossomed into a complete educational hub. Improvement is a continual process, and we’re never quite done enhancing what it means to use itslearning. Here are some of the ways we’re giving you more of what you love about itslearning:

✓ More intuitive onboarding and a better user experience

✓ More robust content library with easier sharing

✓ More options to integrate with cloud resources

✓ More ways to assess assignments and organize grades

✓ More complete mobile experiences

✓ More comprehensive reporting at the district level

Download the full itslearning Start of Year release notes to keep up to date with the platform changes.

We've also summarised this for you below, but the details are important too!

Onboarding and User Experience

Regardless of your experience, you should be able to use itslearning effectively right away. We’ve added a guided on-boarding experience that walks you through the most important elements, such as adding a course, finding students and creating a new lesson plan.

The course workflow is now smoother than ever. It’s now easier for teachers find the resources they need, and use them to achieve learning goals. From the student’s side, we’ve worked to make it easier to understand and achieve learning objectives. We’ve upgraded the plan viewer, which gives students activities and resources in an order that makes sense and helps them learn.

Advanced tip:

When you add a task with the new tool, you can now label it as homework. When that task appears on the student’s home page and in the planner, it will have an easily recognisable “Homework” label.

Library and Sharing

With a ton of specially-curated resources, the itslearning library is a big part of what makes the platform so powerful. We’ve revamped it in a number of key ways:

  • Better search: Resources are tagged more thoroughly.
  • Increased convenience: Teachers can now enter the library, search for learning resources and then add resources to courses and plans, even on mobile devices.
  • Improved sharing and publishing: There are now more options for managing and sharing content, so publishers can better target content to support key educational challenges.

Advanced tip:

Teachers will now be greeted with a specially-designed library on-boarding, that encourages even more sharing and collaboration between educators. 

Cloud Resources

Part of making itslearning a complete educational hub is ensuring you can easily use all your favorite cloud resources. Students and teachers can now collaborate on documents in the cloud directly from itslearning. Everyone can link to, view and edit cloud files through their preferred cloud file viewer directly from itslearning.

Use cloud resources in tasks, planner, assignment or course. You can even use great collaboration tools from Google Apps for Education or Microsoft Office to create secure, shared work-spaces for whole classes or groups of students. You can now view all of the files you have uploaded or linked to itslearning – making it easier to reuse files from your device or the cloud.

Advanced tip:

Your school isn’t using Office 365 or G-Suite? Not a problem. We’ve now allowed users to create, edit and collaborate on Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents directly from within itslearning. 

Assessments and Grading

We want itslearning to be a one-stop shop for assessments and grades, for both students and their teachers.

Assessments are more convenient than ever. Now, teachers can see submitted documents directly in the browser. In addition, they can grade the assignment and give direct feedback, all in the itslearning platform. Teachers and students can even have discussions around particular answers. It’s also easy to see if a student is done with an assignment – there’s a handy yes/ no toggle.

The gradebook has a new and improved design. Your view of students has been updated to include their profile picture. Add their score or scale grades directly in the Gradebook grid, navigating intuitively with your keyboard. Late submissions are easier to identify, and comments can be added directly to grades. In the US, there is now support for automatically transferring grades to SIS systems.

Advanced tip:

With itslearning, students can take a test or submit an assignment on the device of their choosing. Answers can also be submitted via the cloud, with Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox. 


We’ve talked to users, and the message has been clear: They want the full itslearning experience through our app.

Now, you’ve got it.

Get the same experience regardless of how you reach itslearning, making it seamless to switch across devices. Here are some of the improvements you’ll notice:

  • We’re revamped the login process, making it much easier for our users to log into their own schools.
  • We’re giving our users access to courses and course content directly in the app
  • We’ve aligned the design of the apps to be more in line with what users expect from their devices
  • We’ve ensured that all content looks and works great, regardless of the size or type of screen you’re using.

Plus, parents can now get in on the itslearning fun too: our parent app gives them access to all of the information and tools they need to keep up to date on their children’s school activities. All of the most important info is gathered in one place, so parents can get a quick overview of what there children are supposed to do in the coming week.

Advanced tip:

Encourage your students to download the itslearning app as well, to stay up-to-date on the device they use the most.


We’re also continuing to expand our reporting capabilities, by rolling out a new Trends and Progress report, available in the gradebook. This gives a visual overview of gradebook data and a progress bar that allows you to quickly spot students who are struggling or improving over time. Grade distributions let you see how consistently students are performing, and how well they’re doing relative to each other.

In addition to the new Trends and Progress report, we’ve added grades and assessments to our data model. You can now create several new report types, and make higher-level decisions based on more comprehensive information.

Advanced tip:

Want a deeper dive into the details of user engagement, curriculum management, student progress, or anything else reporting? Our Advanced Reporting emphasizes flexibility and customization, to ensure that you can apply your understanding of the data to your specific priorities and practices. Contact your itslearning service rep to learn more. 

Have feedback? Let us know!

All of these changes are just the beginning of what’s going to be better about itslearning this year. We’re constantly making adjustments, so be sure to check out our regular release notes, to see what’s new and improved throughout the school year.

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