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itslearning welcomes 338,000 new learners

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Through a vigorous tender process, itslearning was selected as the Learning Platform provider for 600 schools in France

Pays de la Loire Region were seeking a platform that supports pedagogical strategies, increases digital adoption and helps unify the education community through new innovations. The Scandinavian platform itslearning is renowned to invest in research and development to exceed the needs and demands of education for tomorrow. New features of the platform have already been added which include 360 degree reporting, peer assessment and learning paths. Pays de la Loire Region recognised this and look forward to boarding their new Learning Platform.

Within the UK alone, itslearning is embedded and used by 684,000 users in schools, colleges, universities and training providers. Many of them have fully implemented the platform into their establishment, creating a digital environment that is actively used by students, teachers, parents and stakeholders.

About itslearning

itslearning is a cutting edge digital classroom where teaching and learning is transformed to deliver outstanding results. Connecting teachers, students and parents anytime, anywhere, via any device. This cloud-based platform increases collaboration and strengthens communication between users, to help shape, support and manage a more personalised learning environment.

Founded by university students in 1999, itslearning was established in 1999. Headquartered in Bergen, Norway, itslearning serves more than 7 million users worldwide and generating cost savings year on year. itslearning is a safe and secure platform which guarantees uptime availability of 99.9%.

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