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Olympiaskolan use Advanced Reporting in itslearning to guide the school’s quality development.  

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Posted by: Charlotte Sandén and Johan Busck, itslearning

Colleges and adult education institutions in the city of Helsingborg, Sweden, use the itslearning Advanced Reporting tool to tailor reports to provide much-needed insight. Olympiaskolan is a college in Helsingborg with 350 students. They provide a mix of vocational courses, A-levels, and language courses. Though it’s a small school, they have a diverse student group and a wide selection of courses.

Business development with students at the centre

The management team at Olympiaskolan wanted more in-depth insight into student progression throughout the year. Previously they were too late in providing support to students who were struggling or at risk of failing their courses. It is important for the school administration to receive information about student progression early in the term, so they can decide how to support and assist students in reaching their academic goals. To face this challenge, Olympiaskolan collaborated with itslearning to develop a Traffic Light Model based on the Advanced Reporting tool.

“To improve and develop, we need to have insight into how things stand, and the reporting tool provides an easy way to detect issues and challenges”
Andreas Eriksson, Headmaster, Olympiaskolan 

To gather the data needed for each student, teachers fill out performance evaluations in itslearning at the end of each month. The data is then visualised in the Traffic Light Model, where each student’s results are marked in green, yellow or red depending on the student’s achievement. The teachers analyse the results for each subject in an interdisciplinary team. The team can easily detect where there are challenges and where extra resources and guidance need to be provided. The adaptations made for each student are also documented and analysed in the Traffic Light Model. 

“The main reason why this method has succeeded is that the process is simple and accessible for teachers” Ulf Månsson, teacher, Olympiaskolan 

The evaluations are visible to the students, so they can see their own progress. This facilitates an open dialogue between students and teachers about students’ individual learning process. Since the 2022 school year, the student health team has also been involved in the evaluation process. They look at the reports each month and analyse how they can support the students. Then they talk to the teachers and students about how they can collaborate to achieve their goals.

Quality development

Olympiaskolan’s goal is to have student-centred business development and leadership. To achieve this, students need to be involved and have insight into the parts of the business that concern them. Using itslearning Advanced Reporting facilitates a common basis for collaboration, through a common understanding of students development, progression and results. It can also guide the discussion to be about what the school needs to develop and improve.  

“Tailored Advanced Reporting is a very important tool for our business development. The tool provides a basis for common understanding to guide discussions and draw conclusions. It’s not just an important tool for individual students, but for school-wide development. Without a doubt it’s the most powerful tool we have to drive development”
Andreas Eriksson, Headmaster, Olympiaskolan 

Charlotte Sandén and Johan Busck itslearning

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