Using Learning Analytics to Promote Success at your Institution

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Learning analytics in itslearning

Published by: Mauricio Romero, itslearning

An important feature of the itslearning VLE is its integrated learning analytics tools that are flexible, interoperable and customisable to the needs of all levels of an institution. These tools allow you to obtain learning analytics that provide insights into user engagement, student progress, learning objective achievement and more. Learning analytics can provide important insights into how your VLE is being used, enabling you to support students and teachers to be more successful.

Monitor Student Progress

View trends and progress reports in the grade book to quickly identify students who may be struggling or improving over time. Use advanced reporting of learning analytics to monitor student progress toward specific learning objectives, and pinpoint the students who are not mastering. Then, use the Recommendation Engine to assign personalised tasks for students who require additional help or interventions.

Send Reminders

With the itslearning VLE, you can see learning analytics for how often course elements are being accessed and used. When visits are unusually low for a particular assessment or module of course content, send students a message to remind them to complete the assignment.

VLE Implementation

Especially as you implement a new VLE at your institution, it’s important to make sure that it is being used to its highest potential. Learning analytics give you the ability to view course visits over time, allowing you to make sure that consistent use of the VLE is growing as students and teachers become more familiar with the platform. If user engagement is low, provide teachers with professional development resources to further understand the VLE and better utilise it in their classroom.

Choose the Best Course Content

Discover if your course elements are appropriately aligned to learning objectives by viewing statistics and data in the itslearning VLE. If specific course elements aren’t paired well with standards or learning objectives or if there are gaps in the curriculum, find better aligned content by searching through the itslearning library.

Predict Student Dropouts

Most universities experience a high number of student dropout rates, but with learning analytics, you can work to reduce student dropouts by identifying dropout candidates at an early stage. By looking at advanced reports in the itslearning VLE, you can gain valuable insights to increase platform usage, user engagement, student progress and learning objective achievement, therefore supporting potential dropout candidates to be more successful before they make the decision to withdraw.

With standard, advanced and custom reporting available, the itslearning VLE offers valuable insights that enable students, teachers and institutions to make informed decisions to increase success. To learn more about the capabilities of learning analytics and reporting in the itslearning VLE, check out the Learning Analytics and Advanced Reporting eBook.

Mauricio Romero, itslearning

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