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itslearning Release 75

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Instant messaging

We’ve updated our instant messages with a couple of new enhancements:

  • It’s now possible to add more than one course or project as message recipient.
  • Administrators can now decide if users should be allowed to delete messages.
  • It’s now possible to send messages to group participants from the course group page.


Course List

To make it easier to find a specific course in a long list of courses we’ve added a search field in the courses drop-down:


The progress report is now optional

Administrators can now decide whether the progress report should be enabled by default. Teachers can also disable the progress report in their courses. Disabling the progress report will also hide the mandatory setting connected to elements in the course.

Course self-enrolment for staff

A new profile/policy setting now allows school leaders and staff to enrol themselves in any course in their organisation. This option can be used to get access to information about students, access reports, take actions in the course or provide assistance to colleagues who are teaching the course. An administrator must enable the feature and the new profile/policy setting “Enrol in courses” is used to assign the function to a profile. To enrol in a course, go to Courses > All courses > More options > Enrol in course.


Library and search from the planner

When searching the Library for a resource or activity from a plan with associated learning objectives, the result list automatically displays the most relevant resources recommended for the learning objectives. You may remove the learning objectives and search with desired keyword.


Term assessments

Teachers can now change both the grade and the written summary for the grade from a student’s course assessment report by clicking on the “Show assessment details” link below the term grade.


Test-mode browser

The test-mode browser has been updated to the most recent version. It now supports Windows 10 and ReadSpeaker.

Licenses and Statistics partial discontinuation notice

The usage statistics portion of the Licenses and Statistics report, which is available to Administrators, will be discontinued in the next release in December. The data provided in this report is available in the Logins report, with some small exceptions. The Licenses information in this report will remain available.

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