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itslearning Release 86

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Schedule bulletins

Teachers can now schedule when a bulletin should be visible for students and when it should be removed:

We’ve also introduced a new icon that shows when comments are disabled. The option to disable or enable comments is moved to the Options menu:

Activities and homework in calendar events

Activities and homework in calendar events

Until now, tasks and assignments have only appeared in calendar events if they were part of a plan.

Now, you can connect homework, tasks and assignments which are not part of a plan to calendar events.

To connect the activity to an event:
1. Create a calendar event in a course.
2. Add an activity.
3. When setting the deadline, select “At a specific event”.
4. Select an event from the date picker (events are highlighted in green).
5. When you click Save the activity will appear in the calendar event.

Homework is labelled with an ‘H’ in the calendar event.

More space in the library

To create more space for the content, we’ve updated the create and edit content page in the library:

We’ve also made it possible to review content directly from the preview dialog:

Advanced reporting

Manual assessments from the gradebook are now available in the data warehouse. Final assessments can be separated from other assessments.

Terms are now available as filter for advanced reporting.

Trends and progress report

  • It’s now possible to filter progress based on groups
  • We’re removing the site setting which is used to control report availability
  • The student’s profile picture is now shown in the report
  • It’s now possible to search for a student in the report

Page tool design

We’ve done some small adjustments to the design of the page tool:


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