What's new in Release 96?

Get powerful insights from 360° reports

Getting all the insight about your students can be an exercise in frustration. Name a teacher who hasn’t struggled with scattered information devoid of context! Our new 360° Report solves this. It quickly provides you with insights you need to evaluate your students – and take action.

Note: 360 Reports will gradually be made available over a period of about three weeks afer the release. Don’t worry if you don’t see it right away.

Course bulletin boards now open to all

Do you want more student engagement in your courses? Why don’t you open the bulletin board in the course with students and see where the discussion takes you! Teachers can of course moderate all posts.

Distinguish courses with identical names

Having several courses with the same name can be confusing, especially when they appear under each other in lists. To help you distinguish courses with identical names we now show the course code after the course name.

You’ll see the name and code in:

  • course lists
  • when you copy or move content
  • when you add content from the Library
  • in messages
  • in the calendar

Size your images perfectly

All of you picture perfectionists can now enter a specific width and height of an image from the ‘Image properties’ dialogue in the rich-text editor. This will size your picture exactly as you want it. To see the ‘Image properties’, simply right click an image in the editor. Remember that you can also drag the corners or sides of the image to resize it.

Library enhancements

Finally, we’ve done some small changes to enhance the Library:

  • To save space we’ve moved the ‘Add to Library’ button to the … menu.
  • Search results now get an extra boost when they have learning objectives connected to them. This is done due to the value of this type of metadata
  • To speed up the search, we now hide learning objectives when previewing content from other countries.

Edited calendar events automatically saved

The ‘Save’ button is a thing of the past when you edit calendar events. Simply make your changes, click outside the pop-up and, voilà, your changes are automatically saved.