What's new in Release 97?

Improved 360 Degree Reports

Our comprehensive 360 Degree Reports are getting even better, for all customers. We’ve added course group filters to the summary page that shows activity, progress and grades, so you can get even more tailored feedback on a particular selection of students.

Improved capabilities of 360 degree reporting to better observe your students' progress.

Better access to your data

Colorful and informative visual representation of students' daily log-in sessions.

If you want access to your information for analysis or for use in your own reporting tool, you’ll find it in the Data Warehouse. In this release, we’ve extended what’s available in this repository:

Updates to our user management processes

The new EU regulation on data protection, GDPR, will be enforced starting 25th of May 2018, and we’re taking compliance very seriously. For complete information, on what we’re doing to make sure our website and product are in tip-top shape, visit this page.

A shield icon gives itslearning users a convenient way to view your GDPR rights.

Making your GDPR rights clear

itslearning's newest update makes it easier than ever to manage your personal data, with clear and readable checkboxes and fields to modify your data privileges.

All GDPR requests should go from the data subject (an itslearning user) to the Data Controller (an itslearning customer), who in turn may or may not use our functionality or ask itslearning for help to exercise the right for the itslearning platform. Each individual request needs consideration and processing before action is taken. The rights of the data subject are described in Chapter 3 of GDPR (https://gdpr-info.eu/chapter-3/ ). These rights are not absolute, and should be processed in the context of both GDPR and local regulations.

Please note that according to GDPR there are exceptions to exercising the rights of the data subject when the data is considered necessary:

  • to exercise right of freedom of expression and information of other data subjects
  • to comply with legal obligations or the performance of a task carried out in public interest
  • for archiving, historical or statistical purposes

Under GDPR, the data subject rights are between him and the Data Controller. Any data subject requests from end users to itslearning will be handed over to the customer. itslearning will cooperate in good faith with customers to ensure they can exercise the rights of the data subjects in a prompt manner.

In addition to administrative and other functionality already available in the itslearning system, the itslearning DPO and our service team are available to help our customers as Data Controllers satisfy the right of the data subject.

Please visit this page to find a description of how some of the rights can be exercised with the help of itslearning functionality.

Easier library and LTI management

In Release 96, we added a site setting for enabling/disabling the LTI Tool on the Add Resource page for customers. System administrators will now notice that this site setting is now mirrored as, Include the LTI tool on the add resource page in Global Settings – Features and Security in the Tools and Content. They can also make it so that users can only create new LTI tools with Anonymous Privacy Levels by enabling the relevant setting.

The itslearning library homepage is your easy access to a virtual world of resources at your disposal.

Better connect lessons to learning

The newest update makes it super simple to manage your classroom's learning object hierarchy and synchronize your lesson plans to the objectives.

It is now easier for you to get an overview of the criteria connected to learning objectives, by expanding the learning objectives on the relevant course page.

Plus, it is now possible – like it was for the old assignment tool – to transfer assignment answers or teacher feedback from the working portfolio to the assessment portfolio.