“How do we make a product people will love? By focusing on the people who use it and what they can accomplish together, not on its features. Our mission isn’t just to create an awesome product. It’s to have awesome users: empowered teachers, accomplished students, and engaged parents.”
John Arthur Berg,
Chief Product Officer, itslearning

But, what does that really mean?

It means reinvention. It means a new itslearning.

An enhanced learning platform that’s so intuitive from the start, it’s a joy to use. So intelligent, it defies physical classroom boundaries and actually recommends the right content. And so inspiring, it immediately puts the focus back on the learner.
Most improvements will be deployed to you automatically throughout several releases in July 2016. Then, you can opt in to additional enhancements for use at your own pace.

Design Principles and User Experience

To us, a good user experience is a prioritized user experience. It’s not just colors, fonts and design (though we do hope that you’ll love our new look!). It’s about ensuring that you get the big picture quickly, but in a way that’s not overwhelming. Quick to navigate. Easy to collaborate. Saving you time so that you can focus on what really matters: helping students achieve mastery.

Our guiding principles:


Build on interaction patterns you’re used to from other software. A clean visual hierarchy: pure delight, no frustration.


Inclusive: built for all users, all devices


We speak human, not robot. Action triggers are fun, not annoying.

For all customers: the upgraded itslearning

  • 1. A new visual aligned to our new design philosophy.
  • 2. A refreshed Global Menu
  • 3. A revitalized Instant Messages System
  • 4. New Bulletin Boards and Stream
  • 5. New ‘Your Students’ view
  • 6. Redesigned Profile Card
  • 7. Overhauled Library

Take a Closer Look...

Live Homepage

Keeping teachers on track and students up-to-date. Tasks and updates are available right after logging in.

  • The Stream: an aggregate view of the updates and resources posted in your courses and groups
  • Course bulletins are aggregated into the stream where you can comment directly
  • Scroll-a-ton: No longer just showing the most recent content, you can always scroll down to see a history of your updates without leaving the page

Fresh Messaging

Learning is a social activity. Interaction among and between students and teachers is one of the most important factors in learning. In that spirit, our instant message system raises the fun and lowers the barriers of effective communication.

  • Easy access to the messaging system from the global menu
  • Conversation, not topic-based messages, just like your favorite social media tools
  • Live updates of messages, allowing users to chat directly without reloading pages
  • Auto-suggestions when adding recipients, making it easy to message a person, a course or a project
  • Easy to add photos, images, and emojies to personalize your messages
  • Improved and streamlined privacy system

Student Overviews

‘Your Students’ page gives teachers a quick overview of all learners and their recent activity right from the global menu, no matter where you are in itslearning.

  • See all your students at a glance, or search and filter for students using the search option
  • Filter students by course, see when they were last active, and get a quick view on their course task status
  • The ability to quickly access the improved Profile Card from the student list

Truly personalized learning

Teachers can easily follow-up on individual students, and even message them while checking their recent grades or activity. We’ve now greatly improved the Profile Card.

  • Don’t worry, attendance, behavior and learning objective reports are still there!
  • We’ve added an instant messages tab so that you can easily communicate with the student without leaving the Profile Card
  • A new activity feed has been added to provide an instant overview of the student’s recent activity.
  • It’s mobile friendly!

A premium digital library

Welcome to one of the best digital libraries out there! The Library will now make it easy for teachers to find relevant learning material and share it with peers in your school, community or anywhere within the itslearning world.

  • A new state-of-the-art search engine
  • Preloaded learning content with millions(!) of resources
  • Search by curriculum or ILP and it will even suggest content for you!
  • All content can be tagged, rated, and searched according to curriculum
  • Simplified workflow for creating, publishing, and collaborating on content

At Your Own Pace

In addition to the changes above, customers may choose to opt in to these additional enhancements designed to provide the ultimate user experience.

Visual Design and Language

A full embrace of our new design philosophy. Simple, distraction-free screens and modern, familiar patterns.

Delightful Navigation

To optimize the workflow of the most common actions and provide easier access to core tasks and content.

One-Stop home page

A fresh start page, with an instant, aggregated view of all status updates, tasks and events.

Course pages

We’ve made several changes to courses to better support student mastery.

Introducing... Groups

A friendly merger of hierarchy Dashboards and projects (communities) into a new entity, Groups for a more productive workflow

Release Notes

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