Off-the-job training

“For all standards, the amount of off-the-job training mandated is a minimum of 20% or equivalent. We expect that all apprentices will benefit from genuine training away from their day-to-day job, but this does not necessarily need to take place away from the employer’s premises.”

Guidance for Trailblazers, Section 174

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Increase apprentice time with employer

By moving activities online, your apprentices will have more time with their employers, increasing on-the-job training and allowing more time for learners to practice what they have learnt.

Improve cost efficiency

Using a learning platform reduces costs and time. Typically, students and apprentices would train and take assessments within the training centres; itslearning enables more to be done online, at home or with their employer. This frees up training rooms, trainers and reduces assessor visits, thus reducing costs. In addition, printing costs can be significantly reduced.

Meet learner expectations through online learning

Today’s learners see their educational futures built around technology. Devices such as smartphones and tablets have become ever-present in day to day life, with learners eager to incorporate these tools into their learning with the expectation of being able to access their learning materials whenever and wherever. With itslearning there are no barriers to learning, trainers and learners can access materials 24/7 on any device.

Monitor apprentice progress

itslearning allows you, your trainers and employers quick and instant access to your learner’s progress through progress reports. Assessments, practice tests and activities can quickly be analysed and assessed, enabling you to continuously monitor and improve learning outcomes.

Increase retention rates

The ability to easily monitor the progress of apprentices leads to increased retention rates. Track which students are completing their work on time. Those that aren’t can be easily identified and appropriate action can be taken in a timely manner.

Expand the business

A cloud-based solution like itslearning can grow and expand with your business. Existing customers are finding it easy to add on extra courses, as the course materials are online. Course materials can be shared easily, and new trainers can hit the ground running.

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