Improve retention, success rates and student satisfaction. itslearning helps you manage curriculum, content and communication. Our advanced reporting system enables senior leaders to take informed action to improve and implement best practices across their organisation.

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Welcome to a holistic suite of dashboards and analytics that will spike informed decisions for your organisation. Dive into the details of user engagement, curriculum management or student progress, or just get the overview you need.


Drive student achievement with powerful reporting options. Analyse data, both at student and class levels, and automatically share progress with students, parents and administrators through personal dashboards.

Advanced Reporting

Emphasises flexibility and customisation, to ensure that you can apply your understanding of the data to your specific priorities and practices.

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Is it time to re-think your offer?

The new model of Apprenticeship is going to fundamentally change the relationship between employers to training providers. This is going to open up opportunities for innovative providers who can show that they can work closely with employers to deliver added value and support apprentices through the new frameworks. Attractive providers will have a compelling online offer that is able to track, monitor and support learners and prepare them for the end point assessment.

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Choosing the right Learning Platform

There are many learning platforms available free of charge, and some offer additional features for an upgrade fee. Here’s what you can expect when you choose a free, hybrid, or enterprise-level platform.

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