Digital PSHE Wellbeing Course

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Mental health affects each and every single one of us; just as we have a physical health, we also have a mental health. We at itslearning believe that this should be a subject that is introduced and tackled early on in student life. We feel passionate about instilling young minds with the tools to help them cope with challenges they will face as they progress into Adolescence and Adulthood.

We have partnered with Pacesetter Sports & Wellbeing to provide you with a complimentary professionally procured Wellbeing course as part of PSHE. Pacesetter Sports & Wellbeing are renowned for producing bespoke Wellbeing programmes that are designed to act as a preventative measure, raising awareness and building emotional literacy by by arming young minds with tools that can help deter symptoms of mental ill health from developing.

At this stage, we are providing this course for primary schools only, within itslearning. Fill out the form to register your interest to participate.

If you would like more about Pacesetter Sports & Wellbeing or if you would like to discuss mental health concerns in your school, please contact us on 0800 977 5714.

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