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Going Digital to Support Curriculum and Instructional Change

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Melissa Monteith
Pedagogical Advisor


Since 2010, Harford County Public Schools (HCPS) in Maryland has been transforming its curriculum and instructional practices. Among its new approaches are the adoptions of the Common Core standards (which then became the Maryland College and Career-Ready Standards), a multi-phase “Bring Your Own Technology” (BYOT) initiative and moving to a more digitalized curriculum. 

Rather than having faculty and students make do with a static curriculum, Susan Brown, Executive digital curriculumDirector of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment wanted curriculum resources that were adaptable and efficient. “Students are digital natives, but they don’t necessarily know how to utilize technology in terms of work efficiency,” she stated. “The teacher’s role has to change for that to happen, and I believe the digital curriculum will support how we change as instructional leaders.”

In order to deliver a comprehensive digital curriculum with content fluid enough to adjust to the needs of both teachers and students, the district needed to acquire an LMS. Fortunately, Martha Barwick, the Coordinator of Instructional Technology had attended an ASCD conference where she’d seen a variety of LMSs, including itslearning.

According to Brown and Barwick, what made the itslearning platform stand out from the other systems was its efficiency. 

“It really does allow us to manage curriculum,” Brown said. “It’s a great combination: a curriculum management system where teachers are accessing curriculum, seeing learning units and setting the sequence of the learning, but then students can also access it. We’re not having to use two different platforms to manage our curriculum and have student access; it’s an all-in-one platform.”

To learn more about HCPS and find out how it decided to implement the itslearning LMS to support curriculum and instructional change, check out the Harford County Public Schools case study.

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