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Student Data Privacy and Technology in the Classroom

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By Rachel Riggio

Project Manager and Implementation Consultant


When Raytown Quality Schools went searching for a new learning management system, it wasn’t willing to sacrifice performance, data privacy or easy integration with existing systems for a few extra bells and whistles. Knowing that many of the major LMS vendors provide about 85 percent functionality, Melissa Tebbenkamp, CETL––director of instructional technology for the Raytown, Mo. school district––dug deeper for an LMS that came with high levels of customer support, reliable and enriched data security, good data governance and fast start-up.

With the itslearning LMS, Tebbenkamp was able to meet all of Raytown Quality Schools’ needs––and more.

Here are three reasons Raytown chose itslearning as its LMS partner:
  1. Data security

Raytown Quality Schools has a strong, district-wide commitment to data privacy, and the itslearning LMS was able to support the district’s needs. Additionally, itslearning was able to help Raytown implement the right policies and procedures right down to the classroom level, supporting data privacy every step of the process.

data privacy for students

  1. Google integration

To smoothly phase in the new LMS solution, Raytown initially chose to use the itslearning LMS at the secondary level. Not only was Google integration an appealing feature for high school curriculum, but most elementary curriculum was already handled through Google Classroom. This offered the opportunity for a seamless integration in the future.

  1. Competitive pricing

Tebbenkamp was also shopping on price when she came to itslearning, searching for costs competitive with a consortium-selected LMS that Raytown Quality Schools needed to replace due to a contract negotiation problem. “We couldn’t come to terms on liability and coverage,” Tebbenkamp said. “What it really boiled down to was, is this provider a partner or a vendor?”

Since implementing itslearning, Raytown Quality Schools has benefitted from a high level of data integrity, solid customer support and good teacher training. Many educators in the district were initially apprehensive about using an LMS, but the fact that Raytown Quality Schools wasn’t willing to settle for second best during the LMS selection process helped to make implementing the itslearning LMS a smooth process. 

To learn more about how Raytown Quality Schools achieved high levels of data privacy and success with the itslearning LMS, check out our Raytown Quality Schools Case Study.

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itslearning in Raytown Quality Schools
Support of Student Privacy and Security of Student Data Leads Raytown Quality Schools to Select itslearning as its LMS Platform

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