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standards mastery

itslearning for Standards Mastery

itslearning makes it easy for educators to connect student learning to personal interests so they stay motivated and engaged throughout the school year.

With multimedia-rich resources, assessments and other learning materials that can easily be aligned to standards, itslearning supports each student in mastering their learning objectives.

Align your curriculum.

With itslearning, course developers can quickly link lessons, resources, assignments, and assessments to learning objectives, including district, state or national standards.

Make assessments meaningful.

Built-in assessment tools including the test tool, surveys, polls, blogs and discussion boards enable formative assessments needed to understand student strengths, weaknesses and interests.

Track and personalize.

Powerful reporting tools help you track student progress to the individual standard, and the Recommendation Engine supports remediation based on individual learning styles. 

Engage 21st-century learners.

Video conferencing, Web 2.0 and multimedia tools help teachers better convey difficult concepts and activities, take virtual field trips, and show real-world applications of the subject material.

Ready to help your students reach their learning potential?

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