Advanced Reporting Datasheet

itslearning Advanced LMS Reporting Emphasizes Flexibility and Customization

Curriculum leaders want to know how different schools are performing regarding learning objective and subject area standards. They also want to quickly see what resources and assessments are available so that they can address gaps in the curriculum.

IT leaders want to know the extent to which the learning platform is being used in order to identify groups of schools, teachers, parents etc. that might need more support in the use of itslearning.

A Head Teacher would want to know if there are teachers or students who may be struggling so that they can provide additional attention or resources.

All this information and more can easily be viewed using itslearning Advanced LMS Reporting. Ultimately, these reports serve as a road map for district, school, and student progress. They help teachers and school leaders provide remediation, to close the gap between current and desired levels of achievement. itslearning Advanced  Reporting is an important aid in accomplishing what matters most: improving student mastery.

This brochure goes into detail about the myriad reports available in the itslearning solution. Download today to help you evaluate how itslearning can help you dive into the details of user engagement, curriculum management, or student progress, or just get the overview you need to take your search to the next step.

To read more about how the itslearning LMS can help your district, check out our infographic on LMS Implementation.



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