Going Digital: A Curriculum Management Playbook

Take advantage of a modern, personalized, and dynamic digital curriculum.

Today’s education leaders know that going digital is a reality. According to the Consortium for School Networking’s 2015 IT Leadership Survey, 84% of school technology officials expect that at least half of their instructional materials will be digitally based within three years. These changes bring some challenges, but also huge advantages…for districts, curriculum directors, teachers, students and parents.

Using a dynamic curriculum management solution will ensure district-wide standards and promote personalized teaching and learning. For any school district, consistency in teaching is essential, as it allows you to assess the performance of students and teachers against common standards. With this knowledge, you can quickly identify individuals, groups, or subject areas that need special attention, and uncover best practices from throughout the district. One key to making this happen is high-quality curriculum management.

Download this eBook and discover four proven curriculum management models, read case studies, and get a checklist to ensure your team is ready to go digital.

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