itslearning Brochure

What kind of platform is itslearning?

As a single end-to-end teaching and learning management platform, itslearning is trusted by more than 4 million teachers, students, and parents worldwide to provide a streamlined, user-friendly learning environment for their districts.

The itslearning learning management platform consolidates siloed systems and content resources, enabling districts to more easily manage their curriculum. More importantly, we provide educators with the flexibility and time savings needed to create truly personalized experiences that place students at the center of learning.

itslearning is your one-stop shop to house and manage functions for creating and delivering courses, assessments, standards management, attendance, grades and more. With itslearning, everyone in your school system can work smart, collaborate and communicate – all in one, simple interface that works well on almost any device–from Chromebooks to tablets, and smartphones to laptops.

For more general information on the itslearning solution, you can also view our overview video.


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