itslearning Resources for MBC Customers

Learn how we can get you and your content out of MBC and migrated to itslearning and ready to go with the “6-week Exit Package” webinar.

Your Learning Management System selection and transition criteria no doubt includes things like
·        select a mature, K-12 learning platform
·        preserve staff’s time investment in My Big Campus through easy content migration
·        maximize adoption of new platform

Good news! itslearning has been catering to K-12 schools for 15 years, with four-million users worldwide—and four of the top ten MBC-using districts have already migrated to the platform. The My Big Campus and itslearning teams have been working together tirelessly since the strategic partnership was forged in April 2015. As a result, itslearning is the only learning management system capable of accepting a user’s entire MBC Drive export file—importing lesson bundles and uploaded files into courses, MBC Schoolwork into course assignments, and MBC Docs into editable pages. And it’s easy for your staff to do it themselves. Watch the 3-minute video on this page (you’ll also get to see how content translates from MBC into itslearning). On the other hand, if you’re an administrator who’s been given responsibility for the migration, we’ve worked out school-wide staff-content migrations as well. Just ask us about it.

See My Big Campus content in itslearning (click below)

Check out the migration resources, the 3-minute migration video below, this visual feature comparison, or Contact Us with any questions or requests.

More good reasons to select itslearning

High Adoption. itslearning’s average adoption rate is 80%. Pair that with your users’ MBC content all easily migrated and populating their itslearning courses, and you’ve got the makings of a successful transition.

Google and Office Friendly. Easily integrate and edit Google and Office documents and files right within the itslearning platform.

Early Learners Portal. The itslearning platform includes a K-2 portal for early learners, and is geared towards learners in all grades, K-12.

Dynamic Curriculum Management. With itslearning, district curriculum leaders can efficiently create, deliver, update, and continuously modify curriculum guidelines (i.e. curriculum maps, curriculum guides) for easy access by teachers. Course content can be modified on demand, with all modifications reflected immediately for all users of the course content, ensuring the most recent curriculum and aligned resources.

Learn more about the benefits of a partnership with us on our My Big Campus FAQ page and Contact Us when you are ready to start the conversation.

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