Student-Centered Learning Datasheet

Student Centered Learning – For Every Student

Engaging every student while ensuring that lessons are aligned to standards is a monumental task. Fortunately with itslearning, teachers can provide voice and choice, personalization, facilitate collaboration, and help students progress toward mastery – all without leaving the platform. itslearning gives teachers easy ways to update students; teachers can communicate expectations and learning objectives, provide content in multiple media formats, and schedule events.

Teachers can personalize learning and can also give students a voice in the classroom through surveys and discussion boards, as well as choice in how they demonstrate understanding of concepts or learning objectives-creating a truly student-centered learning environment.

With itslearning, everyone in your school system can work efficiently, collaborate, and communicate – all in one, simple interface that works well on a variety of devices – from Chromebooks to tablets, and smartphones to laptops.


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