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Meeting LCAP Requirements

Are you looking for tools to help your district meet LCAP requirements?

LCAP Requirement Checklist

This list provides a sampling of questions to help determine whether your technology infrastructure and plans are aligned to LCAP requirements.


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Are stakeholders provided with anytime, anywhere access, on any device?

itslearning provides educational institutions with a world-leading mobile LMS. Through our native apps, we extend the value of the learning platform to the users’ personal devices. We allow our students, teachers and school staff to perform their most important tasks directly through the native app.


Parent Engagement

Parent Engagement

Does your district’s technology support meaningful communication and engagement with all parents, in multiple languages?

itslearning offers parents insights into their children’s learning and progress throughout the year. Parents can view course plans and calendars, the standards their children will be measured on, and individual learning reports that give a comprehensive view of how their children are meeting their learning goals.


Standards-aligned Curriculum

Standards-aligned Curriculum

Are all students (including English language learners) provided high-quality content that is aligned to state standards?

Because itslearning is built on our exclusive standards-based curriculum repository (called the library) we make it easy to quickly and easily find standards-aligned lessons for all students.




Is reporting in place to measure mastery of these standards?

Everyone (teacher, student, parent and district) has access to progress and performance, so students can take control of their learning and standards mastery is reported on in real time.


Student Engagement

Student Engagement

Does your district offer a digital learning environment that allows for peer learning as well as multiple modes of accessing content and demonstrating mastery?

Lessons can be personalized so that each child can master concepts at their own pace, plus teachers can provide personalized feedback, remediation and extension activities.

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