Why itslearning?

Teachers inspire future generations

But constant demands on their time make that challenge tougher every day. New software to learn, curricula to use, teaching methods to adopt. The workload grows. We can help. Our learning management system is built to save teachers time, improve student outcomes, and strengthen the human connections that are so vital in education. When technology is not just another burden, but a key part of the education process, great things happen.

Spend less time clicking and more time teaching

Plan more effectively

Your classroom, your plan. Keep everybody on track with a fully-integrated planner, connected to learning resources and aligned to standards.

Homework made easy

Create, edit and share homework assignments in a flash, right within one platform. When students are done, they can turn it in and you can begin grading, all without ever leaving itslearning.

Create collaborations

Divide students into small groups for projects or let them choose their own. Plus, thanks to integrations with Google, Microsoft and Dropbox, students can work together on virtually any sort of document, right in itslearning.

We connect lessons to learning

View student progress in real-time

It’s more than just a Gradebook. Get detailed analysis about student performance, all with a single click. Stay on top of everything that happens over the course of a term, so you can best allocate your time and resources.

We make sure everybody in the classroom is engaged

There's no limit to what an engaged student can achieve

When students truly engage with what they’re studying, magical things happen. Watch the story of one girl who went from being scared to speak to being willing to share, with a little help from her teachers and itslearning.

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