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Accessibility, Security and Ease of Use are the Focus of Latest itslearning Updates

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Students and teachers on the itslearning management system will now have a significantly enhanced user experience with the latest system release, which features updates in several areas. Users will benefit from system-wide accessibility improvements; enhanced functionalities in the ePortfolio; improved logins, storage and course visits reports; and an updated mobile app.

System-wide Accessibility Improvements

In adherence with international best practices such as the WCAG 2.0 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the European Commission Web Accessibility Guidelines, itslearning has been continually improving accessibility. The most recent release improves the user experience for individuals dealing with physical challenges of various sorts, for example, color blindness and other types of visual impairment, dyslexia, difficulty using a mouse or other motor issues.

Among the new accessibility updates is enhanced readability of itslearning content for individuals using screen readers, software that reads the text displayed on a computer screen. That includes uniquely identifying course page titles so users of screen readers can better navigate through course content. Additionally, itslearning has improved its alternative text for images and solved issues with “empty” buttons or references in accordance with the Web Accessibility Initiative (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) best practice.

“The user interface might not look that much different, but these small tweaks mean so much for the people who need them,” said Arne Bergby, CEO of itslearning. We’re making sure that students with disabilities or impairments are properly supported.”

The company will continue to work on accessibility improvements through spring 2019. “Our objective is to be world-class when it comes to accessibility,” said Bergby. “To that end, we will not be releasing any new code that does not comply with accessibility standards.”

ePortfolio improvements

Students and teachers using the ePortfolio for project based learning (PBL) and demonstrating mastery are now using a more intuitive, flexible and feature-rich tool. One noteworthy update is a new rich-text editor enables students to add reflections to their work. Another is the ability to preview files directly in the browser, rather than having to download or upload them, making ePortfolio presentations to an audience a seamless experience.

Students now have more options for storing and managing their work. They can present work from several courses in just one portfolio, and they can opt to transfer items from their working portfolio to a private portfolio rather than only course portfolios. Clicking on the “Transfer to portfolio” button shows users all the portfolios available to them.

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