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4 Ways to Use Curriculum Management to Unleash Your Teachers’ Superpowers

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Portrait of a smiling young teacher using a tablet for curriculum management with her students in the backgroundCurriculum management can be a demanding and time-consuming task for teachers who already have a million things on their to-do list. The itslearning LMS is a next-generation learning platform that goes beyond a traditional LMS by allowing educators to easily plan and manage their curriculum. An interactive and flexible digital learning planner coupled with a searchable learning object repository makes the itslearning LMS a powerful solution for your curriculum management needs. 

Here are 4 ways to utilize the itslearning LMS to unleash your teachers’ superpowers and reach your curriculum management goals:

  1. Streamline the Curriculum Management Process

Save time and drive efficiency by allowing teachers, curriculum managers, students and parents quick and easy access to courses, resources and student progress.

  1. Facilitate Best Practices

Encourage best practices around course design and pedagogy through modeling and collaboration.

  1. Track and Advance Student Progress

Align all units, resources, lessons and assessments to district, state or national standards, and provide flexible methods of concrete actionable feedback.

  1. Maximize Your Curriculum Investment

Extend your investment in existing curriculum resources by streamlining resource management and providing more equitable access to instructional material across the district.

The itslearning LMS is a one-stop solution to organize and manage functions for creating and delivering courses, assessments, standards management, grades and more. With itslearning, everyone in your school system can work smart, collaborate and communicate – all on one, simple interface that works well on almost any device – from Chromebooks to tablets, and smartphones to laptops.

To find out more about curriculum management within the itslearning LMS, check out the itslearning for Curriculum Management datasheet.

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