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itslearning Loves Google!

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itslearning integration with Google Classroom
Google Classroom and G-Suite allow teachers to easily assign and collect digital work. These tools are extremely beneficial in helping to improve efficiency in the classroom. Integration between the itslearning LMS and Google creates a powerful ecosystem to support teachers. This makes it easy to get more out of Google by having all the benefits of the robust and easy-to-use itslearning LMS. Furthermore, itslearning saves teachers time by providing single access to the tools they need, including standards-aligned digital resources.

Google helps to make classroom workflows easier, and by adding itslearning you also gain standards-aligned content, robust assessment tools, and instant access to data that simplifies teaching and enhances learning.  Here are four steps to utilizing Google in the classroom with the itslearning LMS to get the best out of both tools:

1. Plan

Decide what content you plan to use within your lesson. Use existing G-Suite content by seamlessly importing documents from your Google Drive to create assignments. Find new content by searching the itslearning library. Here you will find millions of resources that are easily incorporated with your preexisting Google docs, forms, sheets or slides. Create a class plan by organizing resources and aligning learning resources to standards.

2. Engage

Engage students with content, assignments and activities. Integrate Google’s collaborative nature and your content within the itslearning LMS to transform students from consumers to creators. Support collaboration by creating collaborative assignments for all course participants, groups of students or individuals. Promote a one-to-one classroom by using itslearning to connect to digital teaching and learning resources anywhere and on any device.

3. Assess

Assess assignments created through G-Suite by using itslearning tools for automated grading to easily assess student understanding. Align assignments to standards with standards-aligned rubrics, and give students concrete, actionable feedback via text, audio, or video. Communicate with students through surveys, discussions, live conferences and messaging through the itslearning LMS to gather different perspectives and assess students in a variety of ways.

4. Report

Track student mastery of standards to gain insight into student progress and quickly identify and assign appropriate content personalized to each student’s needs. Follow trends and student progress through the incorporation of Google content and itslearning’s robust reporting functionality to track growth or identify anomalies over time. Share data with administrators by drilling down to view data by school, grade, class, and more.

No matter how you choose to use Google in the classroom with the itslearning LMS, these tools pair perfectly to help you create the ultimate online resources for teaching and learning. And with One Login, the seamless integration makes it easier than ever for teachers to get the most out of Google and itslearning.

To learn more about integrating itslearning LMS with Google in your classroom, check out our itslearning Loves Google datasheet!

To read more about our parternship with Google Education, visit our press release.


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