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Engage students and adapt instruction. Search and share from a premium digital library of learning resources. Automate routine tasks and make both teaching and learning fun. itslearning is easy to use and connects you with students and parents – even after the bell rings.

  • Key Features
  • Key Benefits
  • Rule the world with the Course management and the itslearning planner! The tools bring together the calendar, master schedule, scope & sequence, units and lessons, organization of resources, multimedia-rich resources, assessments and other learning materials aligned to standards.
  • One-click resource sharing! The most comprehensive library featuring publisher, OER & district created content. From lesson plans to assignments to tests; it’s all tagged to standards that is shareable and searchable.
  • Automated content recommendation engine
  • Polls, surveys & discussion boards
  • Automatic reporting and grading: holistic student progress assessment
  • Provide feedback in students’ preferred learning style (audio, video, written)
  • Easy to use and implement in the classroom with 24/7 support
  • Motivate with voice and choice! Allow students to choose what they learn and how to demonstrate achievement. With itslearning, students have a safe space for independent learning, and options to submit drawings, video, audio or other evidence of learning.
  • Personalize feedback: Communicate with students in their preferred learning style by providing feedback on assignments and assessments via audio, video or text.
  • Create more, consume less. Encourage active learning by empowering learners to develop portions of a lesson, surveys, or tests. itslearning’s groups and permissions make it easy!
  • No papers! Everything can be communicated, uploaded and delivered via the devices the students look at the most.