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Professional Development

Our services support both instructional and technical personnel and are designed based on the needs and delivery preferences unique to each district. We believe strongly in a partnership model that empowers the district to build internal competencies and capacity in both areas for our product.

Course Basics To master the basic functions of the itslearning platform, users will start by navigating the interface. Once they begin navigating with ease they can start to customize their personal settings, create customized courses, set up and utilize the planner and much more.

Beyond the Basics Once users have successfully mastered the basic functions of the platform, they will begin to add content to their course. In Beyond the Basics, users can add resources, tasks and activities to their courses. Additionally, users can customize their dashboard all with the ability to edit and activate/deactivate all content

Advanced Features The first two competency levels cover basic course creation and usage. It is in the advanced features that users will begin to understand the flow between teacher, student and parent within the system. Users also will start to learn how to grade and assess assignments, explore/track standard mastery and start sharing content to a library or course.

Train the Trainer When users have successfully mastered the first four competency levels, they may take part in a train the trainer module. At this level the user begins to learn how to create master courses as well as train users within the itslearning platform. Further down the road these users begin to explore administrative functions like resource development for student and parent use or utilizing itslearning for resource redelivery