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itslearning Support and Training Services

Meet Your Squad


Rachel Riggio

Senior Project Manager

Rachel is a Senior Project Manager at itslearning and has over 20 years of experience as both a teacher and a district administrator. She has provided training and professional development for the use of top instructional technologies. Her pedagogical knowledge combined with her passion for curriculum and technology allows her to motivate, excite, and inform educators.

Andrea Winters

Project Manager and Service Consultant

Andrea has recently joined the itslearning family as a Service Consultant and Project Manager. She acts as a consultant for districts implementing itslearning, focusing on raising customer satisfaction and expanding the use of the platform to all stakeholders.

Kelli Pardo

Project Manager

Kelli joined itslearning in 2013 as Project Manager for Minneapolis Public Schools. Throughout the years, she went on to manage projects in Georgia, Texas, California, and others. She currently manages an international development team that handles the content integration requests from all the U.S. school districts.

Libby Lawrie

Implementation Consultant

Libby consults with school districts across the US to implement solutions that support personalized and blended digital learning. She has 40 years of experience as an educator at all levels from K-12 to postsecondary and graduate. Libby holds an MS in Education with a focus on Virtual Education.