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Passionate about education and technology? Got great ideas on improving learning and transforming education? Then you're the person we want joining us.
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Who are we?

We are a diverse team of engaged individuals (30 nationalities and counting!) working in 10 locations around the world, united in a mission to improve education through technology. Many of us are former teachers and together we build a learning platform designed for teaching.

You can view our job openings on the Sanoma career page.

Hybrid Happiness

itslearning provides a hybrid office environment – staff can choose to work from home two days a week and additional flexibility can be approved by your line manager. To promote work-life balance, and happy colleagues, we follow these principles:

Working at the office

Show Flexibility

Focus on results, rather than where the job is done.

Facilitate the work processes in a way that supports your colleagues and teammates.

Stay Digital

Use “Digital First” to ensure that all colleagues are included, no matter where they are.

Ensure everyone gets the same opportunities to contribute and be seen.


Prioritise collaboration sessions, workshops, and physical meetings in the office.

Engage with your team, get to know each other better; to reach our goals and help maintain a positive team spirit.

Be social and inclusive

Socialise within the team and with colleagues from other departments.

Working from home

Take Breaks

Be sure to take sufficient breaks and avoid back-to-back meetings:

Set a clear agenda

Schedule 20 or 50 minute meetings

Care for colleagues

A successful team cares. Actively look for ways to support each other.

Keep things friendly and show understanding when things take time.

Reach out and check in on a regular basis.

Take care of yourself

Happiness is found in a balanced life.

Free time and family time are valuable and important.

Stay active

Stretch and do light exercises during breaks.

Vary your working position and make sure your desk and chair fit your needs.

Walk the talk. Go for walks during meetings/work hours.

Need to talk? Reach out!

Speak with your manager, HR, or a close colleague if you are having a difficult time.

We all need to prioritise our wellbeing!

Limit work hours

Send emails/Teams messages during work hours only. If it’s not urgent, it can wait.

End your workday at a predefined time each day.