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At itslearning, fostering a culture of sharing is at the heart of what we do. That's why we actively seek out opportunities to connect with the education community, whether it's through engaging exhibitions or thought-provoking events that we organise.
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There's a lot to discuss about the education crisis in Germany - or you can simply do something about it: At didacta, around 800 exhibitors show which solutions, products and services make teaching and learning easier and at the same time make shared education fun.

sett 2024
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16 -18 APRIL, StockholmSETT 2024

At SETT 2024, we take a deep dive into the idea of learning in an increasingly digitalized world. We move our gaze from screens to broader societal issues and explore the role of schools and early childhood education in preparing our young people for a complex world of global challenges. 

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18-19 April, Hämeenlinna, FinlandITK 2024

In ITK 2024, our team of experts is prepared to guide you through the possibilities of itslearning for Secondary and Vocational Schools. Discover how itslearning can enhance education, foster engagement, and empower both teachers and students in the classroom and online. Book a meeting now.


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18. April - Online Panel DiscussionHow AI is Transforming Education: Practical Examples & Best Practices

During this session, you'll  discover how AI can be utilised to create surveys using our Survey Tool.

You'll also have the opportunity to listen to educators who will discuss their firsthand experiences and perspectives on integrating AI into their teaching methods.

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24. April - Online Live WebinarAI In Education with Dan Fitzpatrick

In this webinar, Dan Fitzpatrick will explore the practical strategies for incorporating AI tools into your teaching practices.

You’ll also discover how AI can empower educators to incorporate inclusive and accessible learning environments, personalised learning experiences, reach more students, and get your time back.

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