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Primary Education

The itslearning LMS provides many ways for teachers to create engaging lessons, motivate students, and communicate with parents.


itslearning’s solutions allow teachers to be more creative due to our templates, when developing activities and courses for pupils.


Communication is key to student success. Stay in touch with pupils and get their guardians involved, too.


Allow students to engage in activities and courses, and quickly comprehend what is expected of them and when.

Intuitive and easy to learn

An introduction to how itslearning is used in primary schools all over the world.

How itslearning supports education

"itslearning is specifically developed for schools, which the other systems are not. In addition, the platform has undergone a major boost during the pandemic and professional renewal has been integrated in a very good way."
Christin KlubbenPrincipal, Bremnes Primary School
"With itslearning, the students can see everything clearly and complete tasks at their own pace."
Dietmar KückClass teacher, Oldenfelde district school, Hamburg
"With everything gathered in one place, it is easy to plan, implement, and assess the teaching in itslearning."
Thomas HegeforsTeacher, Ljusnarsberg municipality

Connecting Education and Innovation

Parent app

Involve guardians in their child's academic progress with ease. 

Secure technology

We are fully committed to protecting your data. We do not collect your data – you own it.

Easy to learn

Our solution makes it a breeze for young students to connect with course materials.

Like what you see?

Discover the full potential of itslearning and unlock a world of incredible tools within our innovative learning platform, giving teachers the valuable gift of more time to focus on teaching.