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itslearning Dec 9, 20202 min read

Baden-Württemberg selects the itslearning LMS for over 1 million students

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Strategic move to provide all schools in the state with an alternative pedagogical and scalable digital learning environment

Bergen, Dec 9, 2020 – itslearning has been selected by Germany’s third largest state Baden-Württemberg as its new statewide learning management system to support teachers and students with a wider range of educational and teaching options.

Work has begun in close cooperation with the State Ministry of Education to begin rolling out the LMS for 50,000 users in the first phase, with a potential final count of 1.6 million.

“I am truly delighted to announce that today, Baden-Württemberg has chosen itslearning as its education partner. We are now the preferred LMS provider in four German states (the others are Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) and the city of Munich, Düsseldorf and Wolfsburg. We look forward to working together with the education authorities to engage and empower teachers and students so that education can continue uninterrupted in these challenging times,”

says Steve Tucker, itslearning CEO.

“We share our customers’ commitment to elevate teaching and learning. We have proven this by serving millions of users worldwide and especially in Germany over the past few years. We are now looking forward to working with Baden-Württemberg to empower teachers and students to achieve their full potential,” adds Martin Lorenz, Managing Director, itslearning Germany.

Supporting the state’s digital education platform framework

The Ministry launched a Europe-wide tender for a learning management system as part of Baden-Württemberg’s digitization program last year.

This process was completed mid-November with the selection of itslearning. Among the key considerations were scalability, integrations and features that promote student agency. The LMS will now be offered to all schools in Baden-Württemberg as an alternative platform solution to Moodle, which schools in the state have been using for some years. The addition of itslearning is a direct response by state authorities to overcome pedagogical and teaching gaps not covered by existing solutions.

‘We are continuing to build our digital education platform step by step. itslearning is another component that we will be making available to schools, as an alternative to Moodle. This will enable schools to choose the system that suits them.’
Dr. Susanne Eisenmann, Minister for Culture, Youth and Sport in Baden-Württemberg


LMS is central to the digital ecosystem

The ‘digital education platform’ has a modular structure – consisting of the modules “Personal Workplace”, “Teaching and Learning” and “Safe Communication”.

The use of a learning management system is central to the “teaching and learning” module, as it enables the provision of learning content and supports independent learning.

itslearning is a market-tested platform with very advanced, user-friendly features such as the Planner tool. This is a comprehensive hub that helps create structure, sequence and scope for educational plans, materials and teaching processes, while also encouraging collaborative planning of lessons within a team. Additionally, itslearning facilitates student voice and choice through tools that promote independent learning – such as learning paths, individual learning plans, peer- and self-review.

As the next step, state officials will carry out a short-term pilot project which will involve training and introducing the platform to educators at schools in the state.


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