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Vania Hasegawa Oct 26, 20223 min read

Every Educator Needs a Modern, Empowered Way to Support Students

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We’ve been improving our Test Tool throughout the years to optimize it for educators. Not only does the current version help evaluate students’ grades, it also provides a better overview of their knowledge and participation level.

Over the years, new technology and techniques have been invented to make the teaching process easier. Our engineers, product owners and UX designers have been working with customers to create the best Test Tool possible.

Last Summer we launched a new version built from scratch. As you can read in Product Owner Frøydis Hamre’s blog, this version is mobile-friendly, shareable through the itslearning library, and much more! The updates were developed based on close interaction with Test Tool experts: teachers and higher education institutions.

A close relationship with – and constant feedback from – our end users is essential to ensure that our tools are effective and empower teachers. Many of our staff members have been teachers, so they understand our platform users’ struggles and needs. As a result, our Test Tool is versatile and meets the expectations of the digital world and modern education.


screen grab of the itslearning test tool question options

Depending on how large your class is – or if it’s a self-paced or hybrid course– you may not have the time or opportunity to monitor the progress of every student. The test tool can provide an overview of the mastery of individuals as well as the entire class.

Here are other great ways to use this feature:

  • Entry point: using the Test Tool at the start of a course is a great way to gauge the level of knowledge students bring to class, which allows teachers to adjust class content accordingly.
  • Exit ticket: evaluate class understanding with multiple-choice or open answer questions at the end of class.
  • Practice test: whether preparing for exams or finals, students can take unlimited practice tests with random draws of questions.
  • Formative test: it is important to monitor students’ learning and provide ongoing feedback throughout a course. Short evaluations can help identify strengths and weaknesses, so teachers can ensure that a course is meeting students’ needs and keeping them motivated. Remember to explain that the reason behind every test is to gain experience and develop skills.
  • Summative test: made to evaluate student learning at end of an instructional unit, these tests are often heavily weighted. With 8 different question types, the test tool provides a variety of possibilities like multiple choice, open answer, order and more.
  • Final Exam: the Test Tool is great for evaluations at the end of a course or school year. Partner it with our Test mode browser to prevent students from opening resources or web pages that were not approved by the educator.



test-tool - A view of questions types on mobile and tablet

Our Test Tool is mobile-friendly, and can be accessed from any device – so why not take the opportunity to use the phone for short check-ins? Be creative.

The Test Tool is a real timer-saver for teachers. They can reuse, share and co-create tests, randomize questions, choose unlimited attempts and anonymize submissions. They can also export and print results, as well as grade automatically. And finally, the feature is GDPR compliant and has password protection.

Not only is it great for teachers, it also empowers students to be aware of their weaknesses and make improvements where needed. A good way to carry out self-paced learning with tests is to use the automatic feedback that has been recently added – so not only the scoring can be automatically calculated, but students can also get automated feedback, which can be really helpful for their learning. The tool also has an autosave mode, so students can start taking a test, save it, and finish it later. Perfect for asynchronous, hybrid, and online learning.

Watch an overview of the Test Tool