Webinar: Predicting Student Dropouts with itslearning – BI Norwegian Business School

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Did you know that around 25% of all 1st year bachelor students drop out after 1st year of study? Or that a reduction in dropout implies a significant increase of revenue/funding for universities?


Bernt Smilden, Architect of Digital Department at BI Norwegian Business School, introduces the logic behind their Analytics project with itslearning to predict student dropouts. Join us to hear more about how universities can use the Advanced reporting tool in itslearning to identify students at risk, increase their engagement and reduce dropout rates.



In this session, you will learn:

  • BI – Norwegian Business School’s challenges to identify drop out candidates at an early stage
  • The activity model BI is using and why it is recognised as one of the most influencing models within student dropout analysis
  • Why itslearning has become the main source for student activity data and how it is a fundamental part for this project to be successful
  • How itslearning helps improve day to day teaching by using activity data

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