Webinar: Driving Student Engagement & Learning Results with itslearning

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Did you know:

  • Embracing stronger student engagement and promoting active participation of students in their courses can increase motivation dramatically.
  • Studies suggest that educators, policy makers, and the research community need to pay more attention to student engagement and ways to enhance it.


Trond Skeie, Marketing & Sales Manager at itslearning with extensive experience in education, presents a recipe to boost Student Engagement by maximising the learners’ potential. We will explore the possibilities for teachers to engage students in their courses using the tools available in itslearning. Learn more in depth about the potential of Microsoft Office 365 for education institutions.



In this session, you will learn:

  • The key principles to drive successfully Student Engagement.
  • How to acknowledge the potential of each student and understand how they learn best.
  • How to take advantage of the Office 365 capabilities in itslearning when designing courses.
  • The best practices to use Office 365 documents in itslearning to improve Student Engagement.


“Very helpful tips and the demonstrations are easy to follow.”

Angela Brassington, Munich International School, Germany.


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