Webinar: Microsoft Teams, O365 & itslearning: Full Pedagogical Potential

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Did you know:

  • Microsoft Teams and Office 365 provide strong tools for collaboration, communication, and personalisation. But only after being integrated seamlessly with a Learning Platform like itslearning, can these tools truly support the pedagogical processes.
  • While Teams and O365 offer basic grading tools, instant feedback and collaboration, teachers demand more enhanced pedagogical tools. Teachers need tools to plan their courses and a variety of enhanced assessment tools to support a flexible teaching that meets students’ individual needs. To continuously improve and increase the quality of their teaching, teachers need insight in their student’s engagement level and achievements over time.


Lars-Jacob Hove, Head of Product Ownership at itslearning, presents a complete overview of the core features in itslearning and how they are integrated with Teams and Office 365 to unleash a full-strength learning environment. Learn how a seamless integration between Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and itslearning can impact your institution.



In this session, you will learn:

  • The individual and integrated strengths of Microsoft Teams, Office 365 and itslearning.
  • How to take advantage of Teams and Office 365 when designing courses in itslearning.
  • The advantages of this powerful collaboration in the cloud for universities and schools.

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