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Home replaces Today

In Fronter 19, the first page you come to is the Home page. It displays information that is relevant to you, just like the Today page in the previous Fronter. We have made it fully responsive for a much better experience on all your mobile devices, with less clicks to get where you want to go. As a teacher, you will find new work from your students right on the Home page, and you can get to it in one click. No more looking around your rooms for new information, or to see if there is something new to assess!

The Home page has three sections in two columns. In the left column you will find Recent updates related to you, and in the right column Follow-up tasks and calendar Events.

Course replaces Rooms

In Fronter 19, we have changed the old term Room to Course. The first page of the course is the course Overview and it is built the same way as the Home page, but only displays the latest information in that course.

Set up a course


In Fronter 19 we’ve introduced a planning tool. This makes it easy to structure resources, so students know what to do and when to do it. Simply add resources from your computer, cloud service or the web. The planner is a very flexible tool, so you can customise the settings to meet your needs. For instance, connect the national curriculum to your plan and get a report of what’s been covered over time.

When student view a course, the Planning Tool displays the current plan along with a Start button. When students click Start, the resources are presented in a Learning Path. Teachers can choose if students must follow this order, or if they are free to decide their own order.

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We have made it easier to add resources in all formats from wherever you want. With a toggle bar, it’s very easy to publish and unpublish resources for your students.

We’ve also integrated Microsoft Office Online so that you can use the most popular online tools from Microsoft inside Fronter 19 – you don’t even need a Microsoft account. You can view, edit, share, collaborate and more, directly in the browser: no need to download anymore.

In Assignments, we’ve made it possible to give each student their own copy of your template office file, so they can start working right away. All this is done within the assignment tool.

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Cloud integrations

We’ve extended our integrations with the most popular cloud services. You can now connect your Google or Microsoft account to Fronter 19 so that you can easily use your cloud documents.

And if your school uses Microsoft Office 365 or has a Google domain, we’ve built an even deeper integration so that teachers and students can use the tools they want.

For instance, teachers can add a Google document to an assignment and give every student their own copy to work on. Teachers can follow individual student progress and give feedback within students’ documents, all in a single view. No more clicking around in different web services!


In Fronter 19 we’ve replaced sticky notes with a modern, powerful messaging tool which will notify you when you need it. You can send messages to a whole course, individuals or both. All this can be done in the new Fronter 19 app as well. Communication is so much easier in Fronter 19!

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App and mobile browsers

Fronter 19 comes with a new, modern app, allowing students to do just about anything they can do on a computer. They can browse courses, follow plans, answer surveys, tests and assignments, communicate and much more!

If you log in to Fronter 19 in your mobile web browser, you will see that it’s fully responsive: it even works perfectly on small screens.


We’ve added some great reports so that you can easily follow your students´ progress. If you’ve used the Result matrix before, you’ll love the new Assessment Record tool with predefined grades and a clearer overview of data.

When using the new 360° reporting, educators can quickly compare all students’ progress in a course, and then deep-dive into each learner’s performance, through easy-to-follow infographics. You’ll have all the data you need on just one screen!