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About Fronter

Fronter is a learning platform from leading ICT provider, itslearning. Based on Nordic educational models, Fronter is a comprehensive teaching and learning solution used in schools and universities worldwide. As part of the itslearning portfolio, the Fronter solution has a full range of available support and professional services.

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Tips & Tricks

Our platform is so easy to use but there are many tips and tricks that users have shared with our community especially for you.

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Fronter is all about providing teachers with a professional service worthy of the teaching profession. We boost teachers because when it comes to learning, nothing beats the impact of a great teacher.

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To improve education and make it more available, we build and deliver a teacher friendly learning platform. It is a service we provide to make it easier for teachers to engage students and allow them to take an active part in their own learning.

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Contact & Support

Are you curious about the Fronter learning platform? Are you using it, but suspect you’re not using it to full effect? Do you want to learn? Or just tell us a thing or two? Get in touch!

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Fronter AS, Akersgata 34, 0180 Oslo

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