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A major upgrade for Fronter

Fronter is a learning platform provider to schools, universities and educational institutions worldwide. Fronter was developed in collaboration with Norwegian universities, with the vision of creating a system designed specifically for teaching and learning in the higher education sector.

Fronter features a wide range of tools to meet the demands of a personalized and technology-driven educational sector, whether you want to flip the classroom or implement project-based learning.

In November, 2015 — the market-leading learning management system provider itslearning AS, announced that they had acquired Fronter. The acquisition was an important step in the itslearning global strategy of strong and sustainable growth, and strengthened the company’s competencies.

itslearning and Fronter now share technology and resources to develop the best learning platforms, helping teachers improve learning outcomes for their students worldwide.

Fronter is a strong product offering within the itslearning platform portfolio, and it will continue to be developed to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We have now released a major upgrade to give our Fronter users a strong and fully-featured platform.

The main drive behind the development of Fronter going forward, is to improve the core functionalities that students and teachers use every day.

What’s included?

A modern and user-friendly interface

Cloud integrations

An easy to use planning tool

A library complete with free resources and teaching material

Rich 360° insights about each student

Access the LMS anywhere, anytime and on any device

The best upgrade yet!

Fronter 19 is packed with great time-saving and organisation tools for teachers.

For more information take a look at this eBook:

Fronter 19 FAQ's

What is Fronter 19?

We have given Fronter a major upgrade. We’re calling this new version launched on April 4, Fronter 19. It combines the best of both the itslearning and Fronter platforms. It is loaded with amazing features and time-saving tools that teachers will love, such as cloud integrations, planner, 360° reports and library.

Timeline: April 4

Fronter 19 launched (for teachers and administrators). We recommend that teachers start transferring content from this date as the content transfer can take time. Use the Content Import Tool to do this.

This is also a good opportunity to do some housekeeping, and we recommend that you only transfer content that you really need. Transferring over unnecessary content could drastically slow down the process. You have until Dec 31 to transfer over your content.

Timeline: July 28

All users will be automatically upgraded to Fronter 19. Current Fronter becomes Read-Only. This means you will no longer be able to work on the current version of Fronter. However, you can continue to see all your assessments and transfer content over to Fronter 19 until Dec 31.

Timeline: Dec 31

You will no longer be able to access the current version of Fronter.

What will I, as a teacher using Fronter, need to do?

When you sign-in, you will notice that Rooms has been changed to Courses and other changes. Take a look around and get to know Fronter 19. The Overview page will give you a good idea of what the new Fronter platform looks like and its core functionalities. The most important thing for teachers to do is to begin transferring their content from April 4. We have created a Content Import Tool to help you do this in a seamless and painless way.

How to transfer content?

See the video or read the PDF to find out how.

  • – All external files like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images, audio/video etc
  • – Fronter pages will become Fronter 19 pages
  • – Fronter articles, will become Pages in Fronter 19
  • – Fronter documents, will become Pages in Fronter 19
  • – Fronter tests will become Fronter 19 tests (separate export)

What can’t be moved?

  • – Fronter assignments
  • – Fronter discussions
  • – Fronter learning path
  • – Fronter internal audio (.spx)

What happens with the content?

  • – External files will be moved. Office files, audio/video will open within the Fronter 19 platform.
    Read more about our cloud integrations in the Overview page
  • – Fronter pages, articles and documents will become Fronter 19 pages

What are the new terms in Fronter 19?

We’ve changed some of the terms in Fronter 19. For instance, Rooms is now Courses. You’ll find the complete list in the Glossary.

Further questions

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