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The future is Fronter

A strong, fully-featured, completely mobile platform that combines digital tools and resources to support teaching.

Fronter 19

A major upgrade for Fronter

The Fronter learning platform has a wide range of integrations and tools to encourage personalized and technology-driven education, whether you want to flip the classroom or implement project-based learning.​​

We know that edtech can never replace great teachers, but technology complements great teaching and can transform the lives of students. That’s why our focus has always been on the outcomes, beyond the tools.

In April 2019, we released a major upgrade to give our Fronter users a strong, fully-featured platform. We combined digital tools and content in a seamless way so that learning takes center stage.​

Fronter is a strong product offering within the itslearning platform portfolio, and will continue to be developed to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

itslearning and Fronter now share technology and resources to develop the best learning platforms, helping teachers improve learning outcomes for students around the world.

The main drive for Fronter going forward, is to improve the core functionalities that students and teachers use every day.

The future is Fronter.

What’s included?

A modern and user-friendly interface

Cloud – Use MS Office and G Suite resources within Fronter

An easy to use planning tool

A library complete with free resources and teaching material

Rich 360° insights about each student

Access the LMS anywhere, anytime and on any device

The best upgrade yet!

Fronter 19 is packed with great time-saving and organisation tools for teachers.